Thursday, June 21, 2007

Le Samourai

Having a movie star in the house did change my experience leading up to the film, but once the film started it was like most other movie experiences. This may be due to the fact that Jude Law was not even in the theater once the movie started. Since Jude Law is such a hot celebrity, I guess I was expecting a younger crowd of screaming British girls, with the exception of our San Diego State group. The audience seemed a little on the edge of their seats until Jude Law came, at least I was. People were looking behind them whenever they heard someone come walking down the aisle and I was trying to figure out if the man in the shadows on the back corner of the stage was Jude or not. It was not, but he was standing right next to him apparently. Once the half hour interview was over, Jude Law left never to be seen again and I never got a really good look at him, because as he walked down the aisle right next to me, I was trying to get a picture that did not turn out too well anyway. The film Le Samourai was by far my favorite of all the cineTREK films I have seen up to this point. Foreign films tend to be harder for me to follow, because I have to read the subtitles as well as try to watch all the action on the screen at the same time, which for some reason I find difficult. This movie had enough action, drama and suspense and yet not a whole lot of talking and subtitles for me to try to follow. Le Samourai was the type of film that I love to watch. The cop chasing the killer, but the killer always one step ahead of the cop, until the very end.

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