Thursday, June 21, 2007

For the love of Jude

Perhaps this is just me, but given the incentive to go to a film with the introduction by Jude Law is almost brainless. Who does not want to see Jude, live and in person. He is about the most gorgeous person alive. I can not imagine his presence not having an effect on an audience.

While getting ready (anthropological work while still at the flat), I noticed just how good of an impression was wanting to be made. The wardrobe choice became that much harder and the questions of “Does this look okay?” became much more frequent. Even though it was highly unlikely that anyone would ever meet the man face to face, the thought of it possibly happening is always there. There is always hope for moments like that, or for a moment when he would look at you in the audience (of course one has to look their best!).

Sitting in the theatre, there was much of an estrogen overload. I think it was about 90% women…leaving 10% to the males (meaning they probably were there for the cinetrek). There was a group of girls sitting directly in front of me and I couldn't help but watch them. Secretly trying to hide her camera, the girl is videotaping Jude as he is talking. She would take pictures every few minutes, each time showing her friend next to her making sure it was the best shot.

I am not going to say I would have not gone to “Le Samourai” if it wasn’t for Jude Law, but having him there gives a reason to enjoy it that much more. The movie is wanted to be liked because you can relate to that celebrity that much more. A commonality between yourself and others is always wanted, so the desire for that with a famously gorgeous celebrity is desired even greater, perhaps altering what we would normally consider a movie of interest.

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