Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jude Law (what else is there to say!?)

Jude freaking LAW!!! What is there to say about such a refined and delicious young amazing actor?! Obviously the audience was filled with a more feminine crowd and it seemed people were more interested in seeing him versus hearing what he actually had to say. Although somewhat guilty myself, I did find some of his comments about “Le Samourai” quite intriguing. He talked about the chirping bird at the beginning and how it painted a poetic mood for the movie. Jude also talked about the simplicity of the plot and yet it still was an excellent film. The beginning was a silent scene with no dialogue. And continually Jef has several silent scenes which are quite difficult for an actor, and yet Alain Delon acted out each scene with amazing presence and attitude. The director Jean-Pierre Melville creates this character with Jef, in which you almost feel bad for him and the audience is on his side. Sympathetic for him and his situation, even though Jef did steal cars and kill a man for money. Melville makes you see things through the other point of view. Throughout the film, noise was apparent in the bird chips as well and the subway noises. Melville wanted the audience to feel as if they were there, striking an empathetic emotion. An interesting technique used for editing was the use of the wipe. A wipe is where the scene is wiped from one side of the screen vertically and opens up to a new scene. This technique can be seen in a lot of 1980’s films and it was interesting to see that in this film from 1971, and it was used throughout. I loved the film, not only because Jude Law said he liked it, but because it showed an out of the ordinary twist of emotion you experience while watching the film from the beginning to the end.

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