Monday, June 25, 2007

Jude Law

You know it’s funny, the movie Le Samourai was not awful yet it does not strike me as a film most would rush to buy tickets for either. I‘m not to familiar with Jean- Pierre Melville’s work but let me tell you someone who is, Jude Law. How can one handsome, good looking, beautiful, and gorgeous man draw the attention of many to a 1967 Film? He shows up to introduce the film that’s how! Everyone was sitting in their chairs anxiously waiting for Jude to grace us with his presence. I must admit I was beginning to think it would just be my luck and Jude Law would be no where in sight. I thought, without a doubt, the lights would go down and he would appear on screen saying “Le Samourai is one of my all time favorite films. Enjoy!” Luckily, this was not the case. When Mr. Law entered the theater, you could see the excitement of the audience which consisted of mainly females. Now I can’t really explain or give any details as to what his mini interview entailed but I can tell you the audience stared at him in awe.
Once Jude introduced the film, he walked down the aisle towards the enter and exit doors. Flashes of light went off like fireworks and the audience eyes stayed with him. At one point I left to the restroom and noticed at least eleven seats that were empty when the seats began completely filled. I guess its fact, having a celebrity introduce a film draws spectators.

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