Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dali: Inspiration from Metamorphosis of Narcissus

The following was written from a sense of inspiration after viewing the Dali painting, Metamorphosis of Narcissus.

(Insert Relationship Here)
The chess match in my mind cracks open like a seed through the soil,
Leaving ever possible feelings of loss.
If I had moved there,
You could have moved elsewhere.
The simplicity of the matter is that you did,
Not so far,
But far enough to where my heart could no longer feel the grazing of yours,
Like a ravenous beast searching for the liquid scarlet of your body,
Only to find scraps thrown to the side,
Not of worth,
Just enough to get by.
Your hands still hold the pieces of lust,
Dangling in front of, just out of reach.
Starvation takes its course and all sense of hope is lost.
They watch it happen,
Crowded around they do nothing, just watch it fail.
Why shall you not rise me up to meet your fornicating canyons,
Ever so slightly open as to expel the scent of lust,
Drawing me in one breath at a time.
This is a battle to never be won,
So I sit and ponder in a puddle of my eye’s rain,
Never to understand what pawn moved put me in this place.
One or many that led to the downfall of love,
So insignificant now.
I restlessly slip into an uncomfortably peaceful comatose,
Alive on the outside, but dead on the in.
My head on my knee while I sit and think,
I am cracked and broken,
Torn and sewn,
But the seems will not stay mended,
Consciousness feeling is lost.
The storm has taken its toll,
And my heart did not weather,
Lost now and numb,
For anything and everything that will (n)ever come.

-andy worries

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