Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jude Law

Its funny how people react in the presence of someone famous, when I found out that there was an opportunity to see Jude Law in person I immediately knew I had to go, who could pass up seeing Jude Law in London?
On Wednesday the 20th of June around 7:30 everyone was getting ready to head over to the Institut Francais, Jude Law would be opening the film Le Samourai at 8:30pm I was incredibly excited, but on the walk over I started to think how odd it was that I, and everyone else (the males less so) were so eager to see this celebrity; at one point Jude Law was just an average, really attractive guy going about his life, then a few movies later and everyone wants to see him and take his picture. This makes me wonder how it would be to be in Jude Law's position, because he must not feel too different than he ever did, just like when people age they still feel the same as they did at 18 (something my mother told me when I was younger and still in the mindset that parents had never been young or in my situation). When it comes down to it, everyone is getting really excited to see someone who could just as well have been your neighbor Joe down the road, just add acting and there you go. However I'm off subject, this is about the audience behaving differently around a celebrity, which they certainly were. When Jude Law stepped onto the stage you could feel the audience's excitement, I was surprised no one screamed, even before we were in the theater simply the fact that there was such a long line for the film, when for the previous films at the same location there had been only a few waiting, and only at the top of the stairs. A celebrity brings the crowds, and a sense of thrill, you just knew something coming, like the smell before a storm. After the magic of Jude Law on stage the film almost seemed diminished, there was a theater wide sigh as he rushed out as fast as possible. I can only imagine the distraction of him actually staying in the theater for the whole movie, I don't think all eyes would be on the screen. As far as going to a theater to watch a movie having a celebrity there is a rush, but really detracts from the actual movie, though in the end I don't really mind watching Jude Law talk instead.

-Allie Hackett

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