Monday, June 25, 2007

Dali and Disney's Destino

Surrealism, especially Dali's masterpieces, is so abstract and invigorating that one must stop and stare at the complexity and beauty of the art. This is exactly how I stumbled upon Dali and Disney's joint work on the short film Destino while stumbling through his exhibit in the Tate Modern. A visual hallucination or mind and reality, the joint production felt unusually fluid and gentle. Man and landscapes tend to flow into one another throughout the film, dissolving into the vastness of space and time. If I were ever to take any hard drug, I can’t believe it would look anything different than how Dali presents his realities on his painting and especially in this film. It seems all his work focus on the subconscious and dreams in a visual art form, all which startle and disturb me. We have Disney to thank on making this Destino happen, because he believed all the current and big artists to have such opportunities to “break new trails.”
Honestly, I tend to stay away from Freudian conversations because a) I don’t know shit about Freud and his findings, and b) all technical jargon frightens me. However, after seeing Destino, Dali’s subtle yet profound approach to search within the inner dealings within one’s mind intrigues me and lured me into focusing on his other pieces like The Persistence of Memory (melting clocks) and
Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening. His work is spellbinding and has to be really dissected carefully when looked upon, or you will lose his message.

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