Monday, June 25, 2007

Hey Jude, your presence, made it only slightly better

For the screening of Le Samourai I believe the presence of a famous actor greatly altered our expectations as an audience. We idolize our celebrities in the American culture and they have the power to sway people’s onions. I believe that if we had seen Le Samourai without the introduction and appearance of Jude Law, all of our thoughts on the film would have been much different. I personally thought the film wasn’t that fantastic, but since Jude was there and he told us all that it was his favorite French film, I immediately had high hopes, after all why would an actor lie? It wasn’t until half way through the film that I realized that I really wasn’t enjoying it, which at first I started to feel upset that I didn’t like it but realized I was only feeling upset because its Jude’s favorite.
Had he not been there this would have been just another movie, love it or hate it, but with a celebrity endorsing it, it seems to turn into love it or like it.
-John Novi

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