Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Y tu Mama Tambien

At first, Y tu Mama Tambien comes across a strictly sexual film and could possibly be considered soft porn.  But hidden behind all of the sex is a reoccurring theme of living your life to the fullest.  At the beginning of the film we see Luisa go in to the doctors office to get test results and it is not until the very last scene that we are told she had cancer.  With death close by, Luisa leaves her cheating husband and trades in her routine life of unhappiness in for adventure, and for the first time in her life she is living her life in the moment.  We are introduced to a journey that she takes with her husband’s cousin and his best friend.  On this road trip, the three bond in more ways than one, and even taking part in a threesome.

Luisa lived her last days with only the present in mind, and that is something that is rarely heard of today.  Most people are constantly thinking about tomorrow and they should be concerned about the here and now.  Personally, I try to enjoy everyday that I have; I refuse to hold grudges or procrastinate or let the small things bother me.  I have been to too many of my friends’ funerals and if these deaths have taught me anything it’s to not waste the time that you have.  Death is a sensitive subject and the majority of the population chooses to ignore it altogether.  But everyone has to die, it is not something you can opt out of or postpone.  You never know when it is coming so we need to stop living for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.  Luisa was a perfect example of living in the moment.

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