Friday, July 17, 2009

Mexican Fiesta

I’ve been in London for five weeks with my fellow classmates and have been exploring the cities multicultural findings from art to music and food. We’ve found that London is missing a major lack of culinary range for what students could afford in London. They have sandwiches, and sandwiches, and more sandwiches and some Asian food. There was one thing that the students of SDSU were missing the most back home and that was Mexican Food. From burritos to tacos and some tortilla chips with some great guacamole made with delicious California avocadoes. Party planner Courtney came to the rescue and devised a Mexican Fiesta for all the Californian’s plus Mackey who were in desperate need of some San Diegan comfort food. It wasn’t easy trying to round up all the students and teachers together. Through Courtney’s determination, she rounded up all the SDSU students and our Professors on Wednesday July 17, 2009 at five pm in Flat 3 in Hyde Park Gate. Chef Bill and sous-chef de cuisine Kevin chopped, sautéed, and cooked a delicious feast for the starving students to gorge on in delight. The taco buffet and constant flow of San Miguel Lager created the ideal atmosphere for both students and teachers to take pleasure in some greatly missed cuisine. We conversed, we drank, we ate, and we colored. The Fiesta was a success, good times and good food with good people in a great city.

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