Thursday, July 9, 2009


Let the right one in is not your typical vampire movie where there are vampires killing humans just cause they a blood thirsty, this movie has a deeper symbolic meaning behind it. The movie takes place in Sweden where a boy is struggling to find his own true identity. Oskar is a child in the most purist of sense and simply wants to go school and do extracurricular activities without being disturbed.

Snow in this movie symbolize not only the innocent of Oskar but of the children in today’s society. Later in the movie Oskar meets a girl named Eli, and the audience can tell that she does not fit in with the other children and is awkward in social settings. Here the director, Tomas Alfredson, makes a statement about how children loath to belong with others and feel loved. Oskar starts to realize that Eli is not like most twelve year olds and then discovers she is a vampire and is hesitant to continue their friendship. During one scene when Eli is in the bed with Oskar he asks her if she wants to be his girlfriend. Eli is taken back and does not know how to act then and she tells him that they should just take it slow. Here the director is showing the innocent of these two characters, that even though Eli is a vampire she has a very humane side to her and tries to be normal like any other twelve year old.

This movie is oozing with symbolize, Alfredson shows this by using snow, playgrounds and a love story between two innocent people. In the end this movie is not about killing people or meant to scare the audience, but it is meant to show the innocent and need for belonging for children in today’s world, both that still apply today.

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