Saturday, July 25, 2009


It isn’t very common to drive over two hours to see a museum, but once we got to the Banksy exhibit it was obvious that the long ride and long line it was worth it. Banksy’s art is very “in your face” in a wonderful way. It speaks the truth bluntly and comically. Artists are always trying to capture the essence of cultural and political issues in a creative way, but I have never seen anyone achieve that goal with as much perfection as Banksy has. One piece that I really liked was of a young poverty-stricken boy pulling a fat American couple in a cart. The boy is looking out of the painting, at the viewer, while the couple is taking pictures with their camera phone. On one hand, it is comical because of the stereotypical way that the Americans are portrayed. But on the other hand, it is addressing very serious issues of poverty, child labor, and how industrial nations relate to third-world countries. Every piece that Banksy does has a similar effect and it is easy to see the purpose he puts in everything. The point Banksy is trying to make comes across easily and it seems so simple and yet genius at the same time. Overall, it was an amazing display of art and my only wish was that there was more to see!

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