Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Y tu Mama Tambien

Here we were another night at one of my favorite spots in London, The Roxy. The Moive Y tu Mama Tambien is about two young men, Juilo and Tenoch, that are trying to find their way in life and as they begin their journey they find themselves discovering information about each other that would ultimately put their friendship into a downward spiral. As we all sat down on the very comfortable environment one could not help but to be at a relaxed state, after all we are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. When the movie began it started with a very steamy sex scene, and little did I know it would be one of many sexual charged imagery that we as the viewers would receiver throughout the movie.

There are two main characters that are just beginning their lives and like most college students in their freshmen year it is mostly finding one’s self and a place of belonging. The viewer can see that these two boys are best friends but then another women named Luisa Cortes, who happens to be one of the boys cousin gets thrown into the mix which would in a way alter that whole dynamic of their friendship.

The journey really starts to pick up when they decide to go on a road trip and bring Luisa along and as the boys continue on this road trip they get enormously close to each other, almost to close. Near the climax of the film both Tenoch and Juilo tell each other that they have slept with each other’s girlfriends and mothers, which foreshadows the demise of their friendship. And after their crazy road trip Tenoch and Juilo grow further and further apart. As the friends have an awkward cup of coffee nine months later they find out that Luisa has died of cancer. With Luisa gone it was the final breaking point that ruined an already damaged relationship. After the movie ended us as a group all sat and had some drinks and I could not help to think about the movie and how two friends who were so close were now strangers to each other, those who were like brothers are now so distant.

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