Friday, July 3, 2009

Y Tu Mama Tambien

Going back to the Roxy Bar for a second time did not disappoint.  This time, Y Tu Mama Tambien was the feature presentation.  This movie is incredibly honest in the way it portrays the lives of two teenage boys, Tenoch and Julio.  It is obvious that initially, these boys had very little responsibility in their lives, and their main interests consisted of the usual: sex, drugs, and more sex.   In order to spice up the boring summer, they go on a spontaneous road trip to the beach with an attractive older woman named Luisa.  Unknowingly, this road trip would end up changing their lives forever.  Luisa, being older and more experienced, questions their thoughts about sex and calls them out on their macho attitudes.  During the drive, Julio and Tenoch discover that their friendship is a lot emptier than they realized.  When Julio sees Tenoch and Luisa having sex, it triggers him to reveal that he slept with Tenoch’s girlfriend.  Tenoch is initially upset, but later reveals that he also slept with Julio’s girlfriend.  This shows the audience how insignificant their manifesto was and it also shows that sex took precedence over their friendship.  By the end of the movie, the relationship between these two boys has clearly changed.  They are awkward around each other and puzzled about the significance of their lives.  After the road trip, they move on with their lives separately.  When they accidently run into each other later on, they politely sit down for a cup of coffee.  As expected, the conversation is awkward and quick, and the audience can see that both boys are content without each other. 

The only important aspect of that last conversation is when Tenoch reveals that Luisa had cancer and died after the road trip.  Throughout the movie, Luisa is kind of a mystery.  Although we know that her husband cheated on her, it is strange that she would drop everything to go on this road trip with two horny teenagers.  For the audience to finally discover that Luisa has cancer makes her a more realistic character.  We can appreciate that she would want to spend her last days on a spontaneous adventure.  The last scene of her diving into the waves of the ocean demonstrates that she is at peace.  The honesty of this movie is what makes it so magnificent.  

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