Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What About Me

Upon arriving at Brick Lane spirits were high in anticipation of the film, as well as the environment in which the club was located. The movie "What About Me", was an interesting change from the cinematic adventures the students abroad have had the opportunity to see. This film was shown at the Brickhouse theater/bar across from the Vibe Bar and allowed for the students to be engrossed in a culture of music and cinema. The story was about two gentlemen who traveled the world collaborating music from all different genres and styles. Each chapter was an in depth analysis of their tracks and the production that went into making them. The gentlemen traveled to the most remote and the most populated regions of the world and it is this meshing of worlds that allowed for a phenomenal sound track. Overall their final product would have been tremendous, however throughout the film the audience was kept in the dark and was unable to witness the glory that ultimately was the final work.

Unfortunately however the talent that was so blatant throughout the film lost much of its credibility and inspiration due to the repeated intermissions in the movie and the prolonged short narrations by an audience member. The narrations, although profound, passed over many of the American students heads and left them in the dark due to his targeting of European members.

All in all the feature film and the environment was amazing, there were however subtle interferences that ultimately derailed the focus of the audience members and made the American students wary and restless.

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