Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What About Me?

This would be a great film to watch uninterrupted. The atmosphere at The Brickhouse was lively in anticipation for what was said to be a great documentary. Chapter by chapter, the film was played with intermissions between every section. During these intermissions, the host of the event would speak, followed by a local poet. The film was fantastic: A behind the scenes look into the creation of an album, inspired by major aspects of human life. The subjects included: Love, Men and Women, The self, Memories, and others.
It was extremely unique to see music being created in this way. Taking a riff, whether it be guitar or sitar, then building a song using unique and relatively unknown instruments and musical styles, was a refreshing and inspiring way of creating music. The film included not only music, but interviews with a range of actors, musicians, philosophers and other people with unique outlooks on life.
In general, this documentary was well made and held my interest. I was inspired by the reason for creating this album as well as the words from the various guests. Although the poet and host were entertaining, the film should have been played from beginning to end, without constant interruption. The host seemed to speak more about the Neil Young concert he recently attended than the film itself.

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