Wednesday, July 15, 2009

London Fetish Fair

When wandering down into an underground, cobble-stoned area surrounded by fetish toys galore, no one knows what to expect from that point on. Around the corner you see whips, role play costumes, and condoms that would send any virgin running back for their money. But immediately one is greeted by friendly faces intrigued at a newcomer’s interest into a subculture that is either made fun of or looked down upon in society.
All preconceived notions of what this experience would be like were thrown out of the window. To settle the nerves, getting a drink is quite reasonable with a bar towards the end of the fair. While sipping on an ice cold beer, something catches the eye as the artisans of their craft display their work. One man has kits set out with various pieces that any innocent bystander would not have the slightest idea what to use them for. The man says they are called electric stimulation kits and uses the crowd as guinea pigs to show what these kits can do. Just imagine an electric piece for every part of the body that shocks you resulting in a feeling of pleasure or pain depending on one’s tolerance. This part of the fair really grabs the attention of the people passing through and individuals could not help but laugh at the guinea pig’s reaction to these foreign tools.
One of the most shocking things one may see at the London Fetish Fair is something that is purely voluntary. Customers have the option to whip their partners whether they are interested in spicing up their love life or wanting to take out some aggression. Either way this a thrilling look into the world of sadomasochism where a sadist enjoys inflicting pain on another person while a masochist enjoys receiving the infliction of pain from another person. Although it could be something hard to see for those that are squeamish, the whips used do not hurt as bad as they look…but that all depends on the size of the whip.
The fetish fair gives an outsider a chance to see a different side to how people express themselves sexually with a partner. Not many people think that pleasure and pain can coexist in a sexual relationship but this fair gives a deeper insight to how both can work. If you are someone who is looking to try something new with a partner or just simply curious about this sexual subculture, London Fetish Fair is definitely something worthwhile to check out.

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