Tuesday, July 21, 2009

St. Paul's Cathedral

There are many famous churches in England and, for the most part, they all look uniquely the same. It is a pretty fair estimation to say that they all contain the typical stained glass windows, the gold trim on the minutest of details, and the silent history that consumes most of the buildings in London. I discovered, however, that the beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral reveals itself when it is filled with angelic orchestra music. The church becomes magical when the choir sings and you look up at the vastness of the painted dome above you. It doesn’t seem fair to try and compare this event to another cinetrek because it is so different. Visually, it comes closest to Oxford, Westminster Abbey, or Parliament, because of the way the building was created and the formality of the service. The first cinetrek that does comes to mind when I’m trying to find something opposite would probably have to be the fetish fair. Besides from the moral standpoint, they are comparable in appearance and how they relate to the public. St. Paul’s Cathedral was grand and bathed in light from the massive windows. The service was welcoming to everyone, yet still maintained the formal elements of a church service. On the other hand, the fetish fair, though very welcoming to the public, was dark and hidden away from obvious view. It was casual and informal in the way people acted or were dressed. If there were a spectrum of the different cinetreks we have been on, St. Paul’s and the Fetish Fair would be on opposite ends.

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