Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what about me?

Sunday night at the Brickhouse was filled with an unusual group of characters.  There was Don, a friend of our teaching assistant Kevin who seemed to admire greatly Neil Young, and poet who after every chapter of the movie recited a poem inspired by what he viewed. There were people old and young, San Diego state students and film students from England.  There were different types of people in one room who I believe appreciated the film and its messages. 

 The ambiance of the Brickhouse complemented the sentiment of the movie “What about me?” You walked through the door and quickly notice it very dim and relaxing with a soft almost eerie music playing the in background.  The bottom floor is cleared out except a few chairs and soft red couches with lit candles around the bar.  “What about me?” is a “visionary” project by Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman.  They went to numerous locations around the world and used music as a universal theme and language to explore the complexities of human nature.  They cut different types of music from those different locations and put them together into a soundtrack that illustrated how we are all connected through our various creativities and beliefs. By hearing others talk about their principles on God, sex, death and money, we then try to reveal our truths and our inner thoughts.  Upon hearing the thoughts about others you can’t help be introspective and question “what about me?”


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