Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Abou Me

What about me is a movie about two men who go on a journey around the world to blend all the cultures together and show those who view their documentary that we are all a lot similar than we are different. The audience sees that even though we come for extremely different backgrounds from all over the globe we can come together with the sound of music and every culture can be united as one. When walking to the Brickyard, which is right across from the Vibe Bar, there was music blasting and hundreds of hundreds of people socializing in the street and enjoying a pint of their favorite beer. As we walked into the Brickyard it was almost like walking into a high end night club. The environment was full of life, some people dressed in shorts and jeans and then there were some people in very expensive designer suits. As I sat in the front row on a comfortable couch I was very excited to see this documentary because my sister told me that it was very interesting and that it had a really amazing soundtrack. This environment reminded me of that like the Vibe Bar which was laid back and one could enjoy a glass of wine with some close friends. The Documentary was divided up into several chapters and each chapter discussed an aspect of life and how it related to specific cultures. One of my favorites sections was that discussing love. I never really notice that love is truly the same in pretty much every culture around the world. This documentary showed me that love is caring and everlasting and that a relationship is something that must be equal and understanding. After the movie ended I truly soaked up the scenery by walking across the street to mingle with some of my fellow students, but even more that that my new group of friends

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