Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What About Me?

“What About Me?” was an amazing documentary.  It was very moving to see these two men on this amazing journey around the world making beautiful music.  The soundtrack they made was split up into different periods and emotions that a person feels through their life, which I found very clever.  It opened my eyes to so many different cultures; some I didn’t even know existed.  I loved hearing all the different melodies that people across the world had to offer to the songs.  All the different instruments were intriguing, as well.  The collaborations that came out of the music flowed smoothly and made me feel at peace.  The music makes you feel something within yourself that only you as an individual can feel due to the life experiences one faces. 

            The movie was shown at The Brick House, a cozy little place right on Brick Lane.  Brick Lane has been one of my favorite spots in London to visit due to its diverse atmosphere and carefree attitude.  The Brick House was set up with these long purple couches that were quite comfortable to sit on.  The building was dimly lit and was very welcoming.  There were two stories and it seemed very artsy.  The movie could be accompanied with a glass of wine or beer and was just a very relaxing atmosphere to see a great movie.  I did notice that the people that were watching the documentary were not scared to cheer when they agreed with a concept on politics, religion, or feminism when it came up in the documentary.  I found this very interesting, considering that in America you usually have to be very silent during a movie.  I loved the outspoken spirit of the audience and it made me smile.  I felt I could let myself go and speak up as well if I wanted to.  The whole experience was amazing.  

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