Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Y Tu Mama Tambien

The film Y Tu Mama Tambien was a story of transformation, growth, and learning. These things were all bundled up with a fair amount of sexuality. The basis of the story is to follow two friends as they transform; this includes their own transformation, the transformation of their rocky friendship, and the transformation of the third character Luisa.
The transformation of the boys, Tenoch and Julio, begins off as a slow one and continually builds momentum until their final growth to a new stage of friendship. In the beginning of the film, sex is the first scene. The movie wastes no time in showing you the sexual nature of the two boys, a nature that would not change until the final scenes of the film. The boys’ extreme sex drives go directly along with their immaturity that can be seen in the conversations that the two boys have together. The way that they talk to each other, and especially what they talk about gives this away. Towards the end of the film, you see the friendship of Julio and Tenoch evolve as well. In the beginning, they were best friends, and they had no arguments to speak of. After learning that they had both been sleeping with each other’s girlfriends, they both erupt into anger. This anger is one turning point for their relationship together. After this anger, they move past it and begin a new stage in their friendship. Their next stage of friendship is the sexual encounter the two of the characters have together with Luisa. This definitely signified a newer level of their friendship. They had moved past their differences, and possible desires, and went with the moment. This led to their final stage, which was when they met at the coffee shop later in life. They both had grown up so much, signifying their last transition, as well as the last transition for their friendship. They spoke calmly, showed no sexual motives, and did not joke much. This transformation was one of the many that the movie poised itself on.
The other transcendence in the film was that of Luisa’s. She transformed from a quite person in a quiet life, to this amazing social creature with the sole desire to have fun. In the closing scenes of the movie, we learn this was from the cancer that was about to kill her. This cancer was a catalyst for her final, and possibly best, version of herself. She was able to have her last days exploring a beautiful beach, fulfilling her sexual desires and final explorations in her sexuality as well.

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