Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bansky vs Bristol Museum

Bristol was a very cool city. There were lots of younger college students, and the home of Bansky. The line was incredibly long and seemed to stretch out forever. After a quick two and a half hour wait we finally got to enter the Museum. You could tell even from the outside you were going to be in for a treat. The outside of the Bristol Museum had what appeared to be McDonalds spokesman Ronald McDonald, however he looked more like the clown from movie Clown rather than the happy clown in the commercials. If you thought that was strange and mesmerizing the inside was even more tantalizing. You enter the Museum and you see what looks like classic Greek statues, but are completely taken aback when you realize they are not. Bansky definitely likes making a statement in a humorous and satirical way on politics, social behaviors and anything controversial. The main exhibit of Bansky’s work displayed his stencils with a radio show recording discussing Bansky. My three favorite pieces in the gallery were the two fat tanned tourists in a carriage being pushed by a little poor boy. The picture was quite funny but made a very bold statement and was somewhat sad. The second one was the riot policeman in full gear frolicking through green gas holding a bunch of flowers was hysterical. But the best piece was the one of the Klu Klux Klan member lynched on the tree. After you left this exhibit you would enter a room of what looked like to be the “freak show” at a circus. There was the Tweedy bird in a cage all old and wrinkly, a monkey painting, fish sticks in a fish bowl, a rabbit putting on makeup in front of a vanity surrounded by pictures of young celebs, and hot dogs, and sausages glass cages all displayed like animals in a pet store or a freak show. Then one could wander around the rest of the museum and look carefully for Bansky’s hidden pieces among the other art collections. My friends who do graffiti would be incredibly jealous that I got to see Bansky’s work in the most unique way. The entire experience, out last cinetrek together with everyone was just fabulous.

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