Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joy and Pain

Y Tu Mama Tambien was an extraordinary movie about two young boys from Mexico and their adventures on a road trip with an older woman from Spain. Throughout the road trip they experience joy, pain, and ultimate freedom. I loved that the movie embodied the feeling of being young and living with no restrictions or worries. It is so different from how I live my life- with my to-do lists and plans, that it was refreshing to watch something so opposite.

One thing that struck me was the fact that every joyous moment was abruptly interrupted by a tragic moment. For example, during their road trip the narrator would explain of a fatal car crash that killed a little girl or would tell of the horrible future a family had yet to experience. Knowing these events happened, or would happen, gave the movie a somber mood even though we were caught up in the careless love affair between the woman and the two boys. Luisa’s character was a perfect example of the balance between carefree joy and terrible realities. She knew that she had terminal cancer and rather than staying behind and letting the situation with her husband weigh her down, she decided to leave and make the most of the time she had left. I think that what I took away from it is that life is a mixture of good and bad. You don’t have a choice. You can either take the good with the bad or not live at all.

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