Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oxford University

Oxford University is traditionally defined by its elegant architecture, exclusive acceptance rates, and prestigious professors. The location of Oxford has classified the city surrounding the University as a "college area." For tourists from San Diego, California, "college area" would seem like a familiar term. Expectations for a "college area" might include loud music, posters for campus clubs, and liquor stores on every corner. This is what you would find if you visited San Diego State University any month out of the year. One could definitely describe it as a vivacious campus. Oxford University seemed very different. It is a quiet town with elite shops and busy, goal-oriented people. While SDSU prides itself on its history since it was founded in 1897, there is no way to properly compare that to the history of Oxford University, which was established in 1249. It is more than reputable that thirteen prime ministers have come out of Oxford University. While SDSU is proud of its academic accomplishments, it seems as though sports are what make the headlines, like when one of the Aztec baseball players has become the number one draft pick for the major league teams. San Diego State and Oxford are both broken into different colleges. SDSU has added new colleges by subject of study and they are meant for the students to study. The 38 colleges of Oxford also include social activities and recreational entertainment that can be affiliated with the subject of study. The trip to Oxford University was an important one because it provided a new understanding of the importance of education in other countries.

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