Friday, July 24, 2009

Ice Bar: A Chilling Experience

Who would have thought that being in a room with a temperature below zero could be so much fun! Ice Bar was a completely different take on the social experience of going out and drinking with friends. The gear is the most fun part putting on consisting of a stylish parka , a furry hat, and even gloves to keep warm in this arctic environment. Everything in the room is made out of ice from the bar to the seats to the cups that you drink your cocktail out of. It is also a race to see who can surivive the entire 45 minutes in the Ice Bar which is a tad bit hard when you have sandals on.  Once in the bar, the cold hits you so one must make a dive for the bar immediately. The bartenders are serving up drinks all while dressed up warmly with some cute furry hats on to top off their eskimo-esque outfits. The selection of drinks were enticing with names like The Furnace that would warm anybody right up just thinking about the name. With drink in hand, you wonder around which is pretty much all you can do to keep warm in the Ice Bar all while trying to finish the delicious concoction chosen. This was a once in a lifetime experience that someone can only handle once depending on your tolerance for the cold.

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