Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Y Tu Mama Tambien

“Y Tu Mama Tambien” was one of the most sexual movies I have ever seen that could be watched in a public venue.  The first scene of the movie starts out with a full on sex scene.  When the first scene came on I was a little shocked due to the fact that you wouldn’t exactly see that in America.  I have been so conditioned by American cinema standards that I was caught off guard by the full fledge sex scene that was happening not only before my eyes, but my fellow flat mates and strangers.  As the movie continued there were many other sex scenes that were seen, as well as a very moving story about two best friends and a woman living out her last days of life.  On top of the provocative sex scenes was also the use of frontal nudity that I was also not use to seeing in American cinema.  When I watch movies in America there are the use of sex scenes and maybe the use of some nudity, but there are always the camera angle techniques that block pretty much any full frontal nudity.  If a movie does have frontal nudity it is usually only for a brief moment.  This difference of sex scenes and the use of nudity opened my eyes to a different aspect of life that is not seen in America.  I have always been told that sex is more accepted in Europe and that it is seen more in the movies produced here.  I got my first taste with “Y Tu Mama Tambien.”  Although it was shocking at first due to my American conditioning, I felt more and more comfortable with it as the movie continued.

The overall story of the movie moved me and made me think what I would do if I only had a certain amount of time to live.  Luisa is one of the main characters in the movie and she finds out she has cancer.  Instead of sitting in a hospital bed and receiving treatment she goes out and finds the life she had always wanted.  Tenoch and Julio are the other main characters, which are best friends in the film and help Luisa find happiness in the days leading up to her death.  Luisa goes out exploring and traveling like she had always wanted to do.  She also found her inner sexuality that she had always wanted to express with the help of Tenoch and Julio.  All I could think about after viewing the movie is how I would spend my last days on this earth and if I would have as much courage as she did to live the rest of my life the way I always wanted to.  

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