Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Doll's House

Feminism main goal in the 1970’s was to obtain equal rights and protection for women as men. Women have campaigned for civil rights; their rights to have equal pay as men, equal rights in law as in voting, being able to take maternity leave, and the right to make decisions like whether or not to have an abortion. Women have continually been oppressed in society in many different cultures. They were constantly tied to social rules and were to be subservient to men. In Joseph Losey’s A Doll’s House set in the Victorian era were rules of gender hierarchy was very prominent. Nora played by Jane Fonda was a exuberant young lady who was trapped by her husband. She was his doll in his dollhouse. She was a prisoner under her husband and society’s rules of normality. In the end of the movie, she leaves here husband and her children to find her own way. She realized the truth about her unhappy marriage and the society she lived in. What was very odd in Nora’s decision was her choice to leave here children. I feel like that is not a very feminist decision, I would believe that a women would want to take her children with her wherever or whatever the situation might be present. Feminism today is not too different than the 70’s. There are still the same challenges that have not yet been successful. Women today have backlashes against the initiatives and movements created in the 70’s. I believe women will always have to continue to fight for equal rights as long as there are people who continue to believe that women are inferior.

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