Thursday, July 23, 2009

St. Paul's Cathedral

For someone who was raised in a non-religion household attending high mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral was the most fascinating experience next to the play at Gate Theatre Medea Medea. St. Paul’s Cathedral is beautiful church for mass to be held in, the white walls, the gold details, and spectaculars painting were breathtaking. Mass as the entire worship service was like a ceremony and worship combined, but more of a worship with “praise almighty lord, Jesus, heavenly father, God.” From what I hear I heard that it was very formal and traditional. Mass back the states is not as formal, not much singing, more involvement with the people, shorter, not in Latin, and in a less extravagant and theatrical. At one point during mass the organist started to play really dark moody music, and I thought the Phantom of the Opera was going to pop at any moment and it seemed really uncharacteristic. The Orchestra and Choir sand beautiful and was the major highlight of the cinetrek.
Medea Medea was also an extraordinary experience. Both cinetreks were almost surreal. Medea Medea was very confusing and did not what was going on the entire time. There was one stage setting the entire time, and every prop in the setting was used at one point in the play. There were unusual things going on the whole time, all of which did not make sense to me at all! Both were very odd experiences, for one I’ve never attended mass nor attending a play abstract and surreal like Medea Medea. Both opened up my eyes to new things and new experiences.

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