Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What About Me?

The documentary What About Me? was certainly one of the most unique pieces of film that I have ever been able to view. The vision that the directors had to have before filming the movie escapes my ability of grasping it. It took an enormous amount of effort, time, and definitely money to pull off such an amazing mix of song and film. The documentary filled me with a sense of how everyone is so similar in the world, no matter if they live in a crowded city or a desolate landscape. Each person in the documentary just wanted to contribute their type of music, their heritage, to what would ultimately be a gorgeous soundtrack.
The documentary took us to so many different countries and so many different ways of life. It made me think of how small I actually am in the entire picture. To see people living with nothing, and yet being completely happy and content showed me how misconstrued values can sometimes be. The track itself was an amazing experience as well. The most exciting track, for me, was the clip that was played during the last section about getting older. The track was the longest in the film and seemed to continue on and on, without the interruptions most of the rest of the film had explaining where the sounds were coming from. These three or so minutes had me entirely captivated, trying to listen for different instruments playing in the background. I imagined people all over the world playing music at the same time, creating a beautiful melody without even knowing it.
The location was also something entirely enjoyable. It was viewed at The Brickhouse in one of my favorite parts of London, East London. The vibe at The Brickhouse was just of complete relaxation and enjoyment. The seats were comfortable, the lighting was dimmed, the staff was friendly, and the audience was in anticipation.

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