Monday, July 13, 2009

Fetish Fair

When most people think of a Fetish or BDSM it is automatically associated in a negative connotation and “normal” people think it is gross and extremely weird, but is it really that far out there when considering today’s society? Walking into a dungeon like setting it was a little nerve racking and would leave a lot of people in a very tense state. Seeing people with multiple piercing and outfits that seemed to be designed by someone from another planet it would leave anyone a little curious of what this subculture is really about. The main purpose of this cinetrek was to view everything with an open mind and on Sunday if one did not have an open mind they would find it difficult to truly analyze this culture that people truly know very little about.

This subculture of BDSM and fetishes is truly misunderstood and people tend to make snap judges about the people who participate in these activities. Talking to some of the people at the fair one realizes that they are not different from anyone you would find one the street. They were exceptionally friendly when someone asked them a question about bondage pf this particular type of lifestyle. After talking to some of the people at the fair people at the fair and viewed a demonstration on candle wax foreplay. It was quite interesting watching one person being in a total submissive state and another person having absolute power. Being able to get to this state task a HUGE amount of trust, trust that I would say some marriages do not even have. After going to this fair one cannot help to have a slightly different view on this subculture. After all people are always looking to express themselves and whether one likes it or not this is a type of self-expression.

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