Monday, July 6, 2009


“Spirited Away” is a movie Produced by Hayao Miyazaki that on the surface would seem like another amine film, but if one truly goes in depth with this great movie one will find how it reflects on society not just in Japan but all over the World. The movie begins with Chihiro a little girl moving to a new town with her Mom and Dad. She is really upset that she has to leave her comfort zone to venture off to a new home. As Chihiro and her family are driving they get sidetracked and find a tunnel that leads to an old amusement park, or that is what they originally think. When they go exploring they stumble across some freshly cooked food and start stuffing their faces and as they do something strange happens, they turn into pigs. When I saw this it symbolized how greedy people are in today’s society, that people always want more and want it now having a total disregard for manners. After Chihiro Family turns into pigs she gets stuck on the island that is now filled with water surrounding it. As she does further exploring she gets captured by spirits who make her work in a steam bath for the rest of her life. Chihiro struggles with every day work because before this she had been spoiled not really having to work hard. Miyazaki is trying to show the audience that today’s youth are lazy and spoiled and that they have everything handed to them. The viewer also notices this when there is a baby that is larger than any other character in the movie, which in turn shows that today’s youth are big baby’s always crying and complaining. This movie truly had deep symbolic meaning behind it; when it came to showing the audience how Miyazaki felt about how people function in society I believe he did a great job.

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