Thursday, July 16, 2009


            Last nights fiesta was a fabulous get together.  All the halls and rooms in flat three began to fill with the amazing aroma of fresh Mexican food around three thirty in the afternoon and continued to entice our noses until five, when we got to eat some of the most tasty burritos ever made.  The night was accompanied with all the students from flat three and the basement, as well as Professor Nericcio, Professor Makey and Professor King.  The night was spent conversing over a beer or two and just spending the time we had reminiscing on the past five weeks.  As our time here is coming to an end the fiesta brought us all together and made everyone realize what an extraordinary time we have had so far.   Some people became sad with the thoughts of leaving and others became excited with the thought that there is still a week left to make even more memories to take with us on our journey back home.

            The cooking was great and there is much thanks to Kevin and Professor Nericcio for cooking up such an amazing feast.  Some of the students were in dire need of a home cooked meal; others were just looking for some good Mexican food.  The meat was cooked perfect and there was everything you could think of to adorn your burrito with.  Not only was it nice to eat such a well-prepared meal and talk with our fellow students, but also it was great to sit down with all three professors and have one on one conversation with them.  It is very rare in a college student’s life that they get to sit down in their own home and have a conversation over a meal with a professor about anything and everything.  The night overall was a great success and another memory to take with us from London.  

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