Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spirited Away

The movie Spirited Away was definitely far from the normal realm of features we have watched in the past month abroad. However this difference does not necessarily mean it was bad at all, quite the contrary, the animation and plethora of hidden messages throughout made this film spectacular.

The most prominent hidden messages in this film include the change from adolescence to adulthood, and the effects greed can have on a population both those young and old. For example, when the story began the young girl was in a rather melancholy mood and relied heavily upon her parents for support and was obviously spoiled. This attitude however changed dramatically as she was forced to fend for the lives of her parents and herself, as well as others in order to regain entrance into the world of humans. The natural shock of not being coddled and the spirited world’s lack of regard for her presence as a child extremely effected her and forced her to break down in tears in more than once instance. However after days of work and outrages adventures, she eventually was able to become the woman it would have ultimately taken her years to become in the human world.

However this transition would not have been possible if the greed and gluttony that engrosses almost all humans did not occur. When the parents began eating, the innocence of the little girl made her aware of the repercussions that could possibly unfold in response to her parent’s actions. Her thoughts however were nowhere near the actuality of what happen, but they were close in a sense that it placed her and her parents in a very awkward situation. Greed however did no cease at the parents desire to eat, it continued throughout the film in both the spirit creatures’ desire for gold and the witches’ desire for power and customers.

Overall this story explicitly depicts the greed that engrosses everyone and the possible repercussions of this greed, as well as describing the dramatic changes that can force a spoiled adolescent to become an adult in extreme circumstances and appreciate the fortunes that she has.

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