Saturday, July 25, 2009

Banksy vs Bristol

Arriving outside the museum was a spectacle in itself... what a line! This shows how the anonymity of Banksy makes his work even more mysterious, therefore more appealing. It was made apparent that the audience would be in for quite a show early on by the display of a depressed, somewhat-suicidal looking Ronald McDonald adorning the entrance to the museum.
Numerous works spoke to me. In some of these pieces, the message was quite obvious, leaving no room for interpretation. But in many other works, ideas were simply proposed, leaving the viewer to draw their own conclusion. The lower level, all being Banksy's work, and ranging from social to political issues, bordered the line of humorous and disturbing. One of the more powerful pieces, depicting two fat white tourists being pulled by a young, dark skinned boy, gave me chills and made it difficult for my eyes to pull away.
Unexpectedly, this artist used robotic pieces in displays as part of the experience. The chicken-nugget display and the fish display, both poking at our culinary effects on the world and our environment, were not only fantastically constructed, but also relevant to today. This is what is so great about seeing Banksy's work, its directed towards todays world. Its relevant to our lives. Unlike seeing a wall covered in impressive golden frames, this work makes people think, and maybe even changes the way we respond to our environment.

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