Friday, July 24, 2009

Banksy has to be the most genius contemporary artist today. His pieces are enticing to look at when on display in the Banksy vs. Bristol Museum exhibit.  Everything from his painting of Michael Jackson luring children into a gingerbread house to his zoo display of “animals” is hilarious to see in person. His ability to draw on all major aspects in life: politics, culture, and ethics just shows how far his humor extends.

My favorite satirical piece had to be the zoo display where he pokes fun at the food industry with chicken nuggets imitating live chickens and frozen fish sticks floating around in a fish bowl. In order to see all of Banksy’s pieces in the museum, you have to go on a scavenger hunt because he cleverly hid some of his pieces all around the museum. His artwork, personally, was worth the two-hour line one had to wait in. And that is another thing that makes Banksy so wonderful. He chooses to remain anonymous and provide a completely free exhibit for the public because he does not believe one should have to pay to see his work.

Some say that Banksy’s work is controversial or that his work should not be considered true art. When leaving the exhibit, a man shouted, “I like ice cream but I don’t consider ice cream art” alluding to Banksy’s graffiti on an ice cream truck in the museum. Despite Banksy being both ridiculed and acclaimed for his work, Banksy is a true artist in my eyes who left me laughing all the way through the exhibit.

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