Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of Montreal Concert

The Of Montreal concert was an entertaining circus act from beginning to end. Never have I seen so much going on at the same time, yet it all managed to tie together seamlessly. Even the opening act Local Natives (from hometown Los Angeles!) was engaging not only in their performance but also in conversation when getting the chance to meet the group. The concertgoers were in for a surprise to see Of Montreal turn their emotionally charged music into a full blown rock and roll show. This eclectic group knows how to not only play music, but bring their lyrics to life by creating a stage act filled with lurid colors, smoke and glitter, and wild dancers wandering around in animal and skull masks.

You could tell everyone in the crowd was having a good time with fans jumping up and down with their fists in the air. The group’s costumes were even more intriguing with lead singer Kevin Barnes in a white space-like suit and his electric guitar player in an outfit adorned with feathers. Of Montreal led its audience back into the disco era of the 1970s with their psychedelic fusion ranging from indie rock to funk.

One of the most shocking things during the concert was the encore. The crowd was ecstatic when Of Montreal returned to the stage. Immediately, the entire crowd was in a trance by the lead singer's eerie sounding voice singing "The Past is a Grotesque Animal". The audience was held by not only the lyrics of the song but the overall presence Kevin Barnes led onstage . Of Montreal is definitely a group worth spending a ticket on because they know how to put on one hell of a show.



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