Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Y Tu Mama Tambien

"Y Tu Mama Tambien" illustrates a journey that two young men embark on where they experience life beyond adolescence and its exciting adventures. The movie depicts many themes about life, love, friendship, and death. The theme that was most apparent to me throughout the film is the theme of "endings."

This film portrayed a theme that many of us know and fear about all good things in our life and that is that at one point, they will come to an end. It re established that endings are inevitable and that nothing is as solid as it seems. There are many examples of endings scattered throughout the film. The main examples of significant endings throughout the film include the end of Luisa and Jano's marriage, the end of Tenoch and Julio's romantic relationships with their girlfriends, the end of Luisa's life, and finally the end of strong bond of Tenoch and Julio's friendship.

However, the film concentrated on connecting each end to a new beginning. The end of Luisa's marriage lead to her pursuit of a more fulfilling personal life. The end of Tenoch and Julio's high school relationships leads to more mature relationships. The end of Luisa's life combined with the end of Tenoch and Julio's friendship leads to the realization that life is complicated and ultimately leads to their transformation from boys to men, which is really what their journey is about.

Tenoch and Julio's journey represents a journey that everyone eventually takes that will provide a new perspective about life. The theme of endings is an important one because without endings there can be no beginnings, and new beginnings are what make life interesting. If we had not ended our comfortable routines in Southern California, we would not have begun our adventure in London to learn everything that we have so far.

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