Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

This film spoke to me in numerous ways. First of all, the life led by Juan Antonio, directly projects the artistic, bohemian lifestyle that I have dreamed of living for the past few years. Being on my own, in London, helps me to feel like I am accomplishing some of my goals and living my life the way it is meant to me lived.
In comparing the revelations experienced by the characters to my own experiences so far in London, I find many similarities. Just the idea that these two girls, although at very different phases in their lives, wanted to get away and see a different part of the world hits home with me. My longing for taking this trip, regardless of the school requirements it fulfills, began with the simple need to see the world and experience new cultures. Part of this trip is fueled by the motivation to cease to focus on the things that used to give me identity, and create identity by opening my mind to new experiences and people.
As previously mentioned, the creative life led by Juan Antonio and Maria Elena (As well as Cristina later in the film) resonates with me, making me inspired to fully investigate the world of art while studying in this city.
Another important element of this film was the depiction of Vickie’s husband, a golfing business man who was obviously meant to come off as unworldly and frat-boyish. The film gives off the impression that by experiencing a new lifestyle, Vickie begins to realize that she may need more out of her life, friends, and significant other than she previously thought. This makes me think about my own friends that are at home. Although I truly love them, I feel at times like I cannot connect with them on the same level that I used to. None of them seem to be doing anything outrageous or interesting enough to keep me involved in their lives the way I used to be.

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