Sunday, June 28, 2009

Andrew Lawrence

I thought Andrew Lawrence’s show was pretty funny overall. I think the main thing I liked about it was that I could relate to it was because my roommate is a red head or a “ginger” as he was calling it and I hear some of the stuff he was saying everyday from my roommate. I liked some of his jokes, and I didn’t like some of his jokes. I did enjoy the part about the housekeepers when you are at a hotel and how they keep knocking on the door even when you have the “do not disturb sign” on the door. I was laughing the hardest at that part. The KFC part was hilarious as well. There were some parts that were a little vulgar for me personally. The part about him “eating a bowl of his own s—t” was just too much for me to handle. I feel like that kind of humor is more aimed at a seven year old. I could almost hear the audience cringing, so maybe that kind of joke is not ok for the British either. About half was funny, and about half I just wanted to close my ears for.
There were several words and jokes that I did not understand. I just remember him saying certain things that I did not know and the rest of the audience would laugh, and I would have no idea what it was. His voice was a little hard to understand as well. It was high pitched and raspy and he spoke very quickly. That was also why I had a hard time fully understanding or hearing all of his jokes. For example, Katt Williams is a great comedian, but if you are not from the US, the way he talks may be hard to understand even if you are fluent in English.
This was a perfect way to observe cultural differences between the US and the UK. It showed culture in a completely different way than we have seen before and it was pretty eye opening into the world of British comedy

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