Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

When watching the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona there were a few comparisons that could be made between Vicky and Cristina’s trip to my own.  Vicky and Cristina took their trip to Barcelona for two opposite reasons.  Vicky wanted to work on her studies for her master’s thesis on Catalan culture, while Cristina was looking to explore more of her inner artistic abilities.  I can relate to both girls in their reasoning to travel to another country.  My own revelations for traveling to London are to study abroad and expand my knowledge on British culture.  I am also here for my own personal reasons.  I have always wanted to study abroad and travel.  I am always on the move and I want to explore everything I can.  While I have been in London I have experienced and witnessed so much of the cities artistic abilities that flood its streets and shops.  London is filled with many artistic people and I can relate this with what Cristina experiences when she goes to Barcelona and hangs out with many artistic people as well.  Another thing I noticed that can be compared is that when you go to another country you go sight seeing and you document your travels.  I have done a lot of sight seeing in London and there were many accounts in the movie where the two girls went off sight seeing around Barcelona. 

            There of course has not been any Juan Antonio on my trip to London, but I have met some local people that have been extremely nice and interesting.  Just like Juan Antonio taught both Cristina and Vicky something about his culture, I feel I have learned a lot from some of the local people I have met so far.  If I were to add my own scene into the movie I think I would just have to add something about the struggles people have when they are away from home and how it is great to be in another country, but that sometimes the excitement can fade a little bit and home can be on your mind.  Also, while being in London I have been forced into living with people I had never met before and had to get to know a whole different group of people.  All of them are great and I am so happy I have met them all, but I think I would add a scene showing how overwhelming it can be to be put into a situation where you have to mold yourself around everyone else and reveal yourself to a new group of people.  Those are the only two things I didn’t really see much of in the movie. 

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