Sunday, June 28, 2009

Andrew Lawrence

For me this trip has been filled with next experiences, whether going to see Parliament or going to my first night club I have been introduced to a whole new lifestyle and culture. On Thursday I would be introduced to another side of British culture by going to a local comedy club to see my first stand up. As we got off the Underground I could tell that this was an extremely different living situation compared to the borough Kensington and Chelsea. When we got our tickets and drinks we sat in a room that felt like an oven and as I was waiting for Andrew Lawrence to come on the stage I had no idea what to expect which left me very interested on how the next hour would go. As he came on the stage he was a short scrawny man that was awkwardly built and as he picked up the microphone it would be an hour that I wish I could get back.

He started off talking about how show is was going to be bad and that if anyone did not like it they could get up and leave. Then audience received an insight into his personal life and how being a comedy was not better than being a bus driver. As the show was going on I noticed that there were quite a bit of locals that understood more jokes then our group. Andrews jokes were very raunchy and no one was left for mercy even his 93 year old grandmother was made fun of calling her deaf and delusional. Most of his jokes were toilet humor using countless amounts of swearing and extremely crude examples such as eating crap to boost himself confidence. With half of the people in the audience laughing and the other blankly staring at the stage I felt that this comedy show was very boring and the humor was truly bad. I felt that anyone can go on stage a drop a bunch of swear words and get a couple of laughs, but for me I did not find him that funny. Regardless it was a new experience that I enjoyed going on with my friends but I would not recommend him to go see.

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