Monday, June 29, 2009

Nestled amongst various restaurants and bars and across the street from the now infamous Vibe Bar, is a small door that leads to the trendy Brickhouse restaurant and bar. On this particular night the venue hosted a screening of the documentary titled “1 Giant Leap: What About Me” that chronicles the travels of Jamie Cato and Duncan Bridgeman and their pursuit of new music and diverse outlooks on human nature. This extraordinary documentary offers its audience a unique insight into the lives and thoughts of cultures from all over the world. It was remarkable to see how playing and creating music brought so many different people together and created a common ground for people to build a new friendship. It did not necessarily matter that the two men could not speak the language of the people they met because the music was enough to bring them all together.

I found the documentary extremely humbling as I witnessed the pure happiness on the faces of individuals with little to nothing to their name. It is amazing the optimistic and encouraging attitudes that these people hold, especially when you compare some of the trivial things that we as Americans become upset over. I think the film served as a reminder for people that life is short and there is so much beauty in life if you just stop and take the time to look at it. The creators of the documentary managed to bring together cultures that on the surface, seem to be polar opposites, but with a closer look have much more in common than you would think.

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