Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What About Me?

I greatly enjoyed the documentary "What About Me?". I had no idea what it was going to be about, and when I found out it was about music, I was really excited. I have been interested in music my whole life. I have been playing music since I was in the 5th grade, so this documentary literally gave me the chills. It was interesting hearing all the different types of music in the world. I also really enjoyed how every person or group they got to record with could contribute in a different way. This documentary also proves that the language of music really is universal. I also really liked how the film was not just about music, but it also incorporated a lot of other elements into it as well such as family, love, relationships and getting older. It was cool to see all the different types of people giving their own opinions on the topics that were being discussed in the documentary. It was really eye opening to see how all these different cultures felt on different issues. The opinion that rally shocked me the most was the African man saying that they did not believe in rape in marriages. That is a wife did not want to have sex with her husband, it didn't matter. She had to fufill her wifely duties to her husband, whether she wanted to or not. This sent gasps throughout the whole audience.
The venue was a really nice place. A lovely bar with comfortable seats and it even had a top level. The one thing I can say I did not enjoy about the whole experience was the man Simon that had poems in between each break in the film. They were kind of funny at first, but as the film went on they started to get a bit ridiculous. It was a pretty long documentary and with his commentary it made it almost too long. And at the end he was making fun of Americans in his little poem, when he knew half the audience was American. It was overall a great experience.

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