Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What About Me?

When hearing the title of the movie "What About Me?" one can't help but think in what way will this film relate to me? This film and music, created by, Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto, offer insight on life and death and the love that happens in between. Every person can relate to each part in some way. Whether it is tapping your feet to the musical genius discovered around the world, or the stories being told by those of another culture. .

Although the film covered many aspects of life, the chapters that seemed most significant were the ones that revolved around love and relationships. Love creates passion and vulnerability and fear and mystery. Love inspired the music and images of the section "Love and Need." I found it fascinating the way people of all ages from different cultures held different views about love, but knew that it was not something they wanted to live life without. It was best summed up by one of the people they interviewed who said something along the lines of, "Fish do not give each other water to survive, they swim through it together. Love is the same. We do not give each other love, we exist in it together." This quote combined with the music and images of love around the world evoked a variety of emotions. I believe these words embody the distinct difference between love and need.

Overall the entire film provided an inspiring way to look at life, love, and relationships. Each chapter connected to the next. Without one chapter, the others would not fulfill their potential to truly affect the perception of the audience.

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