Sunday, June 28, 2009

Andrew Lawrence

Upon arriving at the Pleasance Club an instant feeling of warmth overcomes you. The bar and seating area allows for club goers to relax before the show in an almost surreal environment. Apart from all other venues we have traveled to as a class, the Pleasance Club is aimed more for individuals who are looking for an underground scene, both in the comic and musical sense. After grabbing a quick cocktail from the friendly bar staff, an announcement was made ushering all individuals into the small stage. Unfortunately however, the high spirits prior to entering the room were soon lost due to the cramped seating and excruciatingly hot temperature. The comedian’s words fell upon deaf ears on more than one occasion because of this distraction.

The comedian himself however was not as talented as many had hoped. His humor was aimed directly at that of the few British audience members, who found his routine almost hysterical. Unfortunately for the FIE students however his immature dark tone quickly lost its shine, and became repetitive and boring. The audience however was not the only one disappointed with the performance and the setting in which the show took place. Soon after the conclusion of the bit, Andrew Laurence was seen angrily walking out of the club, due most likely not only to the heat of the room, but also his lack of direction towards the audience. His skit was aimed towards a more British based audience, and in doing so, his jokes were hitting home with few if any of the American students attending. Overall the experience was one that can only be had in the small parts of London, however the particular comedian and venue were rather disappointing.

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