Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fugitive Pieces

While watching this film, I couldn’t help thinking about my own experience moving to California when I was young. The scene in which the main character is on the boat sailing to an unknown destination reminded me of my own experience sitting in the back seat of my dad’s car, having no idea what kind of life I would soon be experiencing. It was a very frightening, yet exciting. The feeling of being pulled out of one environment then thrown into another was unsettling, and the film did a great job of recreating that sense of uncertainty.
Another aspect of this film that really jumped out to me was the fact that the young boy did not want to go outside. Granted, his experience was quite a bit more traumatizing than mine, but there were moments that I remember not wanting to step outside. During the early stages of my settlement in California, most of the time, I just felt like hiding. This was a very unsettling feeling, given the fact that I have always been a very social person. When the boy finally stepped out into the sunlight, a feeling of hope came over me, reminding me of when I began to adapt to my new lifestyle.

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