Sunday, June 28, 2009

When young attractive student go traveling abroad either two things appear to happen.  One, they have the most terrifying experiences where a psychotic killer is after them to torture and kill them. Second, they have this ridiculous time where impossibly silly and bizarre events occur throughout their trip that can only be out of a movie.  These are two examples of movie plots from different films. These stories are elaborated truths which can potential happen but never in such a funny or terrifying fashion.

 Vicky Christina Barcelona the tale of the two ladies is not as extreme as other traveling and youth seen in film.  Yet, theirs is a story of a progression of fortunate experiences that are surreal especially when compared to my stay in London. Throughout the movie I keep thinking, “wow I wish I can have a experience like that”, and also thinking at the same time “yeah right that really happens to people?” I haven’t meant a gorgeous stranger who swept me away and had a fabulous time together. However we really never what could happen to us tomorrow.  I guess if Woody Allen were to put my stay in London it wouldn’t be as exciting or appealing as Vicky and Christina.  I guess it is not really my story that is interesting or Vicky and Christina’s but the experiences. My experience in London has been the thrilling and exciting although not as sexy as Vicky and Christina.  Mr. Allen told an interesting tale that had humor and realness than any other traveling movie I’ve seen.

 Although I haven’t met my handsome and foreign stranger at this point in my summer, I’m looking forward to meeting new people, experiences the culture of London and have a great experience all together.  It makes me think of the uncertainty that is life. Nothing is for certain we’ll never know for absolute about anything, even our own feelings. Without those uncertainties I think life would be pretty boring. 





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