Sunday, June 28, 2009

Andrew Lawrence Comedy Show

The British comedy show with Andrew Lawrence was the first comedy show that I have ever seen live. It was very interesting to see the differences between British humor and the humor that I am used to in the United States. One thing that we were told in class with Mr. Mackey was that in Britain, sex is more openly talked about and violence is not, when compared to the States. This was extremely evident in Lawrence’s humor. A lot of his jokes were extremely sexually charged. While you will still find this type of humor in American comedians, their jokes seem to center on violence more often than sex.
As for my take on the comedy, I would have to say that overall I enjoyed it. I must say overall because some of the culture differences made it extremely difficult to understand the jokes or to find them funny. I noticed that many of the British people in the crowd were laughing a lot more than our group of Americans were. This was potentially due to a name or a company reference that we were unaware of, a difference of culture, or we just did not find the joke entertaining. The jokes that I did understand I discovered to be very witty, intelligent, and entertaining. His rants about various topics would continue on and on, and would have taken either a lot of practice or just personal intelligence. I found his rants to be some of his most amusing segments, and the fact that he has the ability to continue on and on about a single topic made his show enticingly funny.
Although the show was probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences temperature wise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to see a stand up comedy show live back in the United States now that I have seen one here so that I can better compare the two.

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