Friday, July 6, 2007

Through the eyes of a mad man

Never have I been able to appreciate Salvador Dali's work for how spectacular it really is. His surrealist approach, being one of the most famous surrealists of all time, can sometimes be overwhelming and misinterpreted, leading one to think it all is pure insanity. Looking at his art work alongside his films finally puts one into the mindset of the Spanish phenoma.
Being previously familiar with Dali's work, especially the film "Un Chien Andalou", seeing his art shows the reoccuring symbolism used in both sides of the spectrum. Many of pieces contain images of ants *such as the ants coming out of the hand in the film*, mouths *the disappearing mouth of the man* and hands *the hand in the box*. All the reoccuring images reveal how the symbols were repeating in not only his art, but also his dreams.
The fascinating aspect of "Un Chien Andalou", which is collaborated with friend Luis Bunuel, is that the entire film is a sequence of multiple dreams. Not only is that fascinating, but the fact that the film was put together by the two men when either of them knew what the other was doing for the film. This is so different from any film we are used to today because everything always has to be extremely planned out. The thought of a film with no direction or plan is almost unheard of.
Dali went against the status quo, even though many thought *or still do think* he was crazy. I mean, he was exiled from Spain for his art. How often does one get to see inside the mind of a mad man? Not often and I can say I am glad I have.

"What is surrealism? I am surrealism"
-Salvador Dali

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